About Us

Everlast Electric Limited was founded in February 2006 by Mike Bonin. It began with Mike and just two other electricians. Today Everlast has a team of 10 and growing! Mike has been a construction electrician for over 20 years and has been a journeyman since 1998. Prior to opening Everlast, Mike built a great portfolio of work and experience by working with some of the bigger companies in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Everlast Mike Bonin and Truck

                                                                                                                   Mike at Everlast Electric

Everlast Halifax

The name Everlast, has some meaning to Mike, prior to becoming an electrician his passion was boxing and experienced a wide variety of travel and life experiences at a very young age thanks to competitive boxing. Heattributes his out-going, friendly personality to this life-skill developing opportunity.